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Heres Jan


Afra, 2015

80 x 70 cm

acrylic on canvas

About the artist

born in 1992, St Gallen, Switzerland

2011– present  Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, Czech Rep., Painting Studio of doc. Michael Rittstein

Group Exhibitions:
2014  'I Passed by an Apple Tree', Nakladove nadrazi Zizkov, Prague, Czech Republic
2013  'The World Around Us', The National Technical Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic
2013  '12th ESID - Welcoming of Prague's Spring', K4 Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic
2012  'Twelve Years of the Painting Studio of doc. Michael Rittstein', Embassy of the Czech Republic in Wienna, Austria
2012  'Figurama', Gallery of Czech Technical University in Prague, Czech Republic

News about the work

Jan J. Heres, Painter

Jan J. Heres, Painter

When in 1891 Paul Gauguin went out to Tahiti for the first time in search of a wild freedom, he wrote in his diary:„[…] I wastrying to work: notes and sketches of all kinds. But the landscape dazzled and blinded me with its bold and bright colours. I was constantly in...