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Ščerbová Tereza, MgA.

1,800 Kč

Chandelier, 2015

19 X 26 cm /print size/

22 x 29 cm /paper size/

Fine Art Print, Museum Natural Rag 260gsm


Limited Edition of 25 

Illustration from the book Crannies by Marka Míková, Argo 2015

Chinks. Cracks nad fissures. They start to appear out of nowhere – in walls, in the ceiling, under the stairs, in ground. People notice them but only Matylda musters the courage to crawl into one of them. And than to another. To the secret passage below the church. And every time she finds herself at another place, in another world, in future. In a world full of animal pictures and gentle music, in a world where everything is friendlier, kinder, where she finds both her lost mum and an explanation, why she had to spend her early years without her…

About the artist

Born in 1982, Ostrava, Czech Republic


2006 - 2012  Illustration and Graphics: Academy of Arts and Crafts in Prague, CZ
2009 - 2010  Illustration studio of Pierre Thomé: Lucerne University of Applied Science and Art, CH
Selected Group Exhibitions:
2017  'Golden Ribbon', DOX Center of Contemporary Art, Prague, CZ
2016  'Prague in 100 Words', Czech Center Prague, CZ
2015  'Biennale of Illustrations Bratislava', BIB, SK
2015  'Golden Ribbon', Postal Museum, New Town Hall, Zlín, CZ
2015  'Czech Books from Baby Jesus', Písek Gate, CZ
Krtník, Host, Zlatá Stuha 2017
Medvěd a Liška, Běžíliška, 2016
Běh na dlouhou trať, Robin Král, Běžíliška, 2016
Král Světla, Jiří Tomek, Argo, 2016
Hledá se hvězda, Lenka Brodecká, Host, awarded The White Ravens 2016
Škvíry, Marka Míková, Argo, awarded Zlatá Stuha 2015