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Kriššák Patrik, MgA.

52,000 Kč

Manga, 2017

100 x 140 cm

oil and glitter on canvas

About the artist


1986, Kezmarok, Slovakia


2006 - 2011  FINE ART, University of Ostrava (Studio of Painting of prof. ak. mal. Daniel Balaban), CZ
2007 - 2008  FINE ART, Academy of Fine Arts Banska Bystrica (Studio of Painting of prof. Stanislav Balko, ak. mal.), SK

Selected Solo Exhibitions:

2018  'Drag and Drop', Petr Novotný Gallery, Prague
2018  'Parallel Stories', Badokh, Prague
2017  'Shift', Ivana Pavlíčková and Patrik Kriššák, Industrial Gallery, Ostrava
2017  'Patrik Kriššák and Julius Reichel', Štencův dům - Opero, Prague
2017  'Alternative violence', Saigon gallery, Ostrava
2016  'Path', Jelení Gallery, Prague
2016  'Thist must by the DNA', Berlinskej Model, Prague
2016  '1 2 3 4', Unijazz Association for Culture, Prague, CZ
2015  'Mystical Universalism', W7 Gallery, Olomouc, CZ

2014  'The Exact Ration', ArtAtak Gallery, Prague, CZ
2013  'Presents', 35M2 Gallery, Prague, CZ
2012  'Ten to Twelve', NoD Gallery, Prague, CZ

Selected Group Exhibitions:
2018  'Searching for borders in a post-media environment', Ostrava
2017  'Salon Situation Ostrava', Důl Michal, Ostrava
2016  'The Show that Will not Be Photographed', White Pearl Gallery, Prague, CZ
2015  'Zlin Young Salon', Regional Gallery of Fine Arts in Zlin, CZ
2014  'Art in Public Space', Kukacka Gallery, Ostrava, CZ

2013  'It's Nothing', Prokopka Gallery, Prague, CZ
2012  'Critics' Choice Award - Painting And Its Overlaps', Critics' Gallery, Adria Palace, Prague, CZ