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Night Motive

Patúcová Soňa, MgA.

4,500 Kč

Night Motive, 2017

30 x 40 cm

acrylic on canvas


About the artist


born in 1984, Bratislava, Slovakia

2008 - present  Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava, Slovakia, Department of Painting and Other Media, Studio + - XXI of prof. Daniel Fischer
2004 - 2010  Comenius University in Bratislava, Slovakia, Faculty of Education, Fine Arts

Solo exhibitions:
2013  'Something in Between', Dunaj Gallery, Bratislava, Slovakia
2011  'Smithereens', Axioma Cafe, Bratislava, Slovakia

Selected group exhibitions:
2015  'Border Error', SPP Galery, Bratislava, Slovakia
2014  'Safety Point', Keglevichov Palace, Bratislava, Slovakia
2013  'We Shoot Art', Artists' Club, Bratislava, Slovakia
2013  'KEBABB 13', Gallery of Art Povazska, Zilina, Slovakia
2012  'Touches', Museum Bratislava, Slovakia

2007  Winner of a Slovakian Mail Stamp Competition for 'T2, 50g' stamp

News about the work

Sona Patucova, Painter

Sona Patucova, Painter

When Sona studied at the University of Arts and Design in Bratislava, her tutor once came to her and clapped his hands. At that moment Sona knew she has found her artistic identity. It is the nature and its energy that inspires her and she paints it in acrylic and...