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Roubík Ondřej, MgA.

17,000 Kč

Pioneers, 2011

70 x 80 cm

oil on canvas



About the artist


1988, Pilsen, Czech Republic


2007 - 2014  FINE ART, Academy of Fine Arts in Prague (Printmaking Studio of prof. Vladimir Kokolia & Drawing Studio of ak. mal. Jiri Petrbok), CZ
2011 - 2012 DRAWING, The Prince's Drawing School, London (Annual Scholarship), UK

Selected Solo Exhibitions:

2013  'Old Children', Nau Gallery, Prague, CZ
2012  'Options of a Sheep', Koncept MU Gallery, Prague, CZ
2011  'Capital of Germany', 35M2 Gallery, Prague, CZ
2010  'I Cannot See in Your Window', Sam 83 Gallery, Ceska Briza, CZ
2009  'Bed Time', Gallery of Fine Arts Chebva, CZ

Selected Group Exhibitions:

2016  'Art Prague 2016, Kafka's House, Prague, CZ
2013  'Fluidum Festival #4: Endgame', K4 Gallery, Prague, CZ
2012  Exhibition of drawings at The Prince's Drawing School, London, UK
2011  'Short Sight, Long Sight', Vysehrad Gallery, Prague, CZ
2010  'Every Now and Then You Can Come and Stay', GAVU Gallery, Prague, CZ