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5.skryte miesta i  r.2016  110x80x3 akryl na platne  15000kc
5.skryte miesta i  r.2016  110x80x3 akryl na platne  15000kc Vizu skryte miesta 6d04ed58 db82 43ab a445 3b1935f4a595 120180207 234 1340ly3

Hidden Places

Pauko Petr MgA.

16,000 Kč

Hidden Places, 2016

110 x 80 cm

acrylic on canvas

About the artist


1982, Martin, Slovakia


Since 2003 - lecturer at  lektor na Private Art School of Helena Madariova in Nitra, SK
2001 - 2006 FINE ART, Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra (Studio of Fine Art of Karol Baron and Studio of Fine Art of Mgr. art. Robert Bielik), SK
Selected Solo Exhibitions:
2016  'Such a Pretty Contemporary Landscape', Nitrianska Gallery, Nitra, SK
2015  'From IMG 1324  to IMG 1345', Galeria Foyer, Nitra, SK
2014  'Painting', Galéria Foyer, Nitra, SK
2009  'Painting', Galéria Foyer, Nitra, SK
Selected Group Exhibitions:
2013  'I´ll Let You Drive', Nitrianska Gallery, Nitra, SK
2013  'Body Actions 2013', Novy Jicin, CZ
2008  'Peter Pauko and Erik Feher are Playing', Topolcany City Galley, SK
2008  'Confrontation', Nitrianska Gallery, Nitra, SK
2007  'Painting', Creon Galleyr, Sala, SK