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Thank you, Jana and Tereza for the fabulous prints. They are my first print purchase and I could not have chosen better ones. Tereza's art is stunning and the limited edition prints suit my financial budget perfectly.
What I like about Young Real Art is that it stocks exquisite art at affordable prices.
Z. B.

29. 9. 2019, Monkey, Egg, Chandelier by Tereza Scerbova, MgA.




Good morning
Thanks for such fast a delivery. My print has arrived and I'm confirming that it is super-nice and we're pleased with it.
Kind regards
L. R.

19. 7. 2019, Fallen Petals III by Mezovská Livia, MgA.



Good afternoon
Thank you for a congenial service and thanks to Miss Kamenikova for the painting that I had fallen in love with at first sight. It's the tranquility that I appreciate about it. It feels like being in a forest, when I look at the painting.
May I wish the best of luck to your art gallery and to Miss Kamenikova.
A. H.

27. 3. 2019, Silent Woods by Kameníková Petra, MgA.



Good morning
I received my painting in perfect condition and it is even nicer than it looked at your website. It makes a great addition to our home and I'm enjoying looking at it.
Young Real Art is a wonderful e-gallery, which I will recommend to my friends and will carry on shopping at myself.
Thanks very much
D. H.

26. 9. 2018, Saint Lucia IV by Limbourg Laura



Dear Jana Lastovka
I received my painting by Libuse Prazakova yesterday, accompanied by a congenial letter. It was perfectly packed and immaculate.
The painting is beautiful and we have already put it up. It makes our home really cosy.
I will keep browsing your website and might buy another painting in the future.
Kind regards
D. K. 

20. 9. 2018, Dool from Grandma by Pražáková Libuše, MgA. Dis



Dear Jana
Toucan has arrived and I like it a lot. It's my second painting from Young Real Art and I must express my gratitute to you. You're doing a brilliant job and I'm planning to buy anoter painting soon.
Please give my regards to Jaroslava Kadlecova and thank her for the little surprise gift that she packed along with my painting. I was very pleased.
Best wishes

18. 5. 2018, Toucan by Kadlecová Jaroslava, MgA.



Good afternoon
My prints have arrived and are great. I'll email you photos when I get them framed. I especially like Amarylis and am pleased with the purchase. I can't wait to put them up at home :)
Thank you
Z. S.

14. 4. 2018, Amarylis by Mezovská Livia, MgA.



Good morning
Just letting you know that I received my paintings. Thank you for the excellent service, detailed information about the delivery and the two impressive paintings.
Have a lovely day!
M. H.

14. 11. 2017, Dog by Kadlecová Jaroslava, MgA. , Return by Lustigová Adéla, MgA.




Good afternoon
I like my painting as much as I did when I first saw it at your website. I can't stop looking at it; it's so tranquil.
Your website is professional and I like the idea of buying from young artists. I'm planning to purchase another painting from you.
Have a nice day
H. P.

20. 6. 2017, Golden Waterfall by Patúcová Soňa, MgA.



Good afternoon
The painting is beautiful and the recepient is happy about her birthday present. Our office, where we spend most of the time and where we put the painting, is now shining with the energy of the summer afternoon in the fields.
We would like to know where exactly is the spot that inspired the painting, so that we can imagine it.
Have a nice day.
M. W.

6. 10. 2016, Afternoon by Samlík Pavel, MgA.



Dear Ms Lastovka
Our second painting from Hedvika Dalecka has arrived and we are happy with it. It's great to know that such original artworks are still being created.
Good luck to Young Real Art
Š. H.

14. 7. 2016, Tent I by Dalecká Hedvika, MgA.



Thanks to the curator Jana Lastovka and to Young Real Art for our first original painting, Memorial, inspired by The Memorial of the Murdered Jews of Europe in Berlin. The fabulous artist, Jaroslava Kadlecova, came to put it up on our wall herself, which was a surprise and the hanging was great fun!
We love the Memorial and simply CANNOT STOP LOOKING AT IT!
T. R.

Memorial by Jaroslava Kadlecova, MgA.



Good afternoon
My painting has arrived and I'm thrilled. Thank you for arranging the sale and for running Young Real Art.
I have a feeling that Pepper is not the last painting I bought from you!
A. J.

22. 4. 2016, Pepper by Walterová Martina, MgA.



Dear Ms Lastovka
All my paintings have arrived. I made a good choice and am happy with them. Now I need to get them framed.
Have a nice weekend
L. K.

15. 4. 2016, Sitting in the Park by Harant Jan, MgA., Untitled I & Untitled VIII by Klokočková Kahuda Lenka, MgA.




Good afternoon
We received our painting on Monday and it's already a part of our home. It's simply amazing and is charging us with good vibes.
Thanks for everything
A. & M. P.

7. 4. 2016, Change of Currents is Unavoidable by Patúcová Soňa, MgA.



Good evening from Pezink
We received the print in immaculate condition and we like it a lot. I am not surprised, because it already looked great at your website. My wife wasn't so sure, but when she saw it printed, she loved it too.
Kind regards

4. 3. 2016, Quiet Path by Falušiová Lenka



Dear Ms Lastovka
Our painting has arrived and we're loving it. We have already put it up and it looks great - as if it's always been on that wall.
Big thanks to Mr Lipavsky - we may buy another painting in the future.
K. R.

22. 2. 2016, Garden Corner by Lipavský Matěj, MgA.



Good morning
Thank you for your email. I received my painting. It's beautiful and we will put it up at the weekend.
Thanks also for the excellent customer service.
Have a nice day
J. Z.

10. 2. 2016, In the Country I by Sedlák Jiří, MgA.



Good evening
My painting arrived on Friday and I put it up yesterday at my son's place. It's beautiful and both adults and children like it. 
Greetings from Ledce nad Sazavou
M. M.

23. 12. 2015, Hold-on Tight by Walterová Martina, MgA.



Good morning
The painting is truly beautiful and arrived in immaculate condition, perfectly packed. We've been moving it around our flat, finding the perfect place for it. It's our first painting and when we save up, we'll buy another one.
Kind regards
M. C.

4. 11. 2015, Dreaming II by Fajčíková Eva



Good afternoon
My painting is impressive and I'll put it up at Christmas. Please give my regards to Petra Kamenikova - I admire her work.
J. V.

23. 10. 2015, Sea by Kameníková Petra, MgA.



Good morning
I received my painting and already took it to an art shop for framing. I'll email you a photo when I get it back.
Please tell Pavel Samlik that the painting is exactly what I expected - an image of nature that makes one feel as if they were a part of it. The painting technique is interesting and I love every detail of it. Please give my regards to Pavel.
Ms Lastovka, I much appreciate what you're doing for for the young artists, whose journey is amazing and filled with such original, creative ideas. I already know that it was not the last time I have bought art from you.
Kind regards
Z. K.

20. 10. 2015, Birches by Samlík Pavel, MgA.



Good morning
Yesterday we gave the wedding gift to our colleague. He was delighted and loved it. Please give my thanks to the artist. I will contact you as soon as there is another wedding ahead.
Have a lovely day
I. N.

3. 9. 2015, Latitude 20.0, Longitude 14.40 by Lee Seeun, MgA.



Good afternoon
Apologies for a late reply. The painting is beautiful - it has an amazing charge and atmosphere. May I wish Hedvika good luck at her artistic career.
S. H.

9. 8. 2015, In Calvi by Dalecká Hedvika, MgA.



Good evening
I have received all my paintings. King is already wrapped, waiting for my husband's 40th birthday. I hope he will like it. Untitled I from Lenka Klokockova Kahuda is also beautiful.
Have a nice summer
I. V.

8. 8. 2015, King by Jana Kamarádová, MgA., Untitled I by Klokočková Kahuda Lenka, MgA.




Our painting arrived yesterday. My husband was so excited that we put it up straight away. It looks fantastic in our loft apartment.
Thank you
L. S.

27. 5. 2015, Port by Macháček Matěj



Dear Jana
Matej Machacek came over yesterday to personally deliver my painting, Horizon. I must say I am delighted with the purchase! Horizont is even more beautiful than it looked on the computer screen.
And the service, the high quality packaging and the little gift Matej enclosed with the painting... Honestly, no other company would do that! 
Please give my regards to Matej and wish him the best of luck at his final year at university. After the graduation, may he fulfill his dream to travel abroad.
Finally, all the best to the team Young Real Art! I wish you tons of success in cultivating our walls with paintings and floors with sculptures.
Merry Christmas
T. C.

14. 12. 2016, Horizon by Matej Machacek



Good morning
Thank you for your email. My painting has arrived and is even nicer than it looked on the computer screen. It's a present for my friend and I hope he will like it as much as I do. The purchase inspired me to get a painting for myself!
Have a great weekend

25. 5. 2015, Long Night by Pavlovičová Marina, MgA.



Good morning
I totally agree with your motto - Be Original, Buy Original. When one pays so much money for a new apartment there's really need for something more sophisticated than an art reproduction or a poster. Personally, I spent a long time researching the best options and your art gallery was one of those options.
I hope that the painting, Swans in Love, will like it at our house as much as we like the painting and that it won't stay on the wall alone for too long :-)
L. L.

1. 4. 2015, Swans in Love by Jan Harant, MgA.



Dear Jana
My painting has arrived and I would like to thank you for organising the sale and delivery. The painting is exceptional and it looks even better than it did on the computer. We are pleased with it and are wishing the best to the painter, Karolina Klimesova.
Kind regards
Z. H.

25. 2. 2015, September by Karolína Klimešová, MgA.



Good morning
I would like to thank to Martina Walterova for the beautiful painting, Apple II, to Jana Lastovka for her professional manner and willingness to explain everything to a beginner art collector, and to the whole Young Real Art gallery.
I am a regular visitor to your website and I do appreciate the wide range of art and the website design. I can sincerely recommend YRA to every art lover.
I. S.
PS: The painting, Apple II, is even more impressive in reality than it is on your website - truly beautiful. 

30. 1. 2015, Apple II by Martina Walterová, MgA.



Good morning
Thank you for the opportunity to shop at your online art gallery. We've received our painting and are delighted - it looks even better in reality than it does on the computer screen!
V. K.

7. 1. 2014, Pfriemspiel by Judith Grassl



Thank you very much for the beautiful paintings that my husband and I bought for our new flat. I was pleased that I could support young artists, donate to charity and get original art for our home.
I have already recommended you to my friends and I would like to congratulate you on such wide range of art and excellent customer service.
P. D.
27. 10. 2014



Good morning
My painting has arrived and I'm delighted!
Thank you
M. H.

12. 12. 2014, In Gold We Trust by Eva Fajčíková, MgA.



I would like to give my thanks to the Young Real Art, especially for their professional and extremely helpful manner. My daughter and I discovered the painting, Garden, by Veronika Dobesova / Sasina, which struck us at first sight. We were fascinated by it and decided to buy it. We had a few questions, which Jana Lastovka, the gallery founder, swiftly answered. Consequently, she delivered the painting to our house herself!
We are delighted with the painting and the excellent customer service. Thank you.
Z. & M. J.

Garden by Veronika Dobesova / Sasina