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1/ Shop by Category, using Filters
2/ Shop by Artist
3/ View detailed information about an artwork
4/ Add to the Cart, Checkout


We hope that you will find shopping at easy and enjoyable. Information about how to shop can be found below. If you, however, prefer to speak to us, call us on  +420 608 46 22 11 and we will be happy to answer your questions.


1/ Shop by Category, using Filters

In the main menu select "Filters”, and click on it. A list will appear on the left hand side. It contains the Main Categories (Paintings, Photographs, Prints, Drawing & Collage, Sculpture and Uncategorized), Sizes (Mini, Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large), and the Price Range. Select your options, and hit the “Search” button at the bottom of the list.

You can further filter the artworks by Orientation (Portrait, Landscape, Square or Sphere, 3D), Availability (Available, Sold, New) and by Newest, Lowest Price, Highest Price. These options are available from the grey, horizontal menu located above the list of artworks’ thumbnails.


2/ Shop by Artist

If you would like to know who is the artist behind the artwork you can browse the gallery by artist. Click on “Artists” in the main menu - it will bring up a list of all artists. You can browse them by their names or profile photos, which you can bring up by clicking on “All Artists” at the top of the list. Clicking on the name or on the profile photo will take you to the artist’s profile. It comprises of the artist's CV and pieces he/she offers for sale. We add new works every day, so don’t forget to check back regularly.


3/ View detailed information about an artwork

Click on the artwork's thumbnail to bring up detailed information about it: on the right hand side there is the title of the piece and its price, name of the artist, and additional information such the year when it was made, dimensions, technique, and any other information.

On the right hand side there is a main picture representing the artwork and a picture of an architectural visualization. They can be enlarged by clicking on them or by hovering over them.

The bottom part is devoted to the artist’s CV (on the left) and a selection of other artworks by the artist and similar artworks, which you might like to view (on the right).


 4/ Add to the Cart, Checkout

Once you have found an artwork you would like to purchase, click on “Add to Cart” button. In the Cart you can view your artwork/s and its price/s (exclusive of postage, which you will be able to add later). By clicking on “Carry on Shopping” on right you can go back to the store and continue browsing. When you are satisfied with your selection click on the “Checkout” button. To remove an item from the Cart, hit the “minus” sign located on the right of the artwork.

The next page will give you a choice: “Create a New Account” / “Login as Existing Customer” / “Checkout as a Guest”. Select your preferred method, type in your details and click “Create” / “Continue” / "Login", according to your choice. You are now ready to checkout in four steps:

1st step: Address
Fill in your billing address. Your shipping address is set to be identical with you billing address. If you would like to enter a different shipping address, untick “Use Billing Address”, and fill in your Shipping address in the fields, which will open underneath. Click on “Save and Continue” button.

2nd step: Delivery
At this stage the shipping cost will be added. It is calculated automaticaly and is dependant on dimensions and weight of the artwork. (You can view the shipping rates for the different sizes in the Terms and Conditions). If you are happy, review your Order Summary and click on the “Save and Continue” button. 

3rd step: Payment

4th step: Complete
You have successfully placed your order. A confirmation email will follow shortly. You can expect to receive your artwork within 14 or 21 days, depending on your country. Our courier will contact you to arrange the exact delivery time with you.


Did you find all information you needed? Find more answers in the FAQ or contact our customer service at or on +420 608 46 22 11.