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Schniererová Miriama


1989, Nove Zamky, Slovakia


2008 - 2014  FINE ART, Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava (Department of Painting and Other Media - Studio of prof. Daniel Fischer & The Fourth Studio of Painting and Other Media of prof. Ivan Csudai, ak. mal.), SK

Solo Exhibitions:

2021 Wildflower, Slávica, Bratislava, Slovensko
2019 Slzy sa vrátia , Prostor 39, Praha, Česká republika
2017 Shadows of light, Galéria E. Zmetáka, Nové Zámky, Slovensko
2016 Full moon, Spp Galéria, Bratislava, Slovensko
2016 Psychedelia, Galéria J. Koniarek, Trnava, Slovensko
2015 My old shadow, Galéria Cit, Bratislava, Slovensko
2016  Psychedelia, Jan Koniarek Gallery, Trnava, SK
2015  The Lost Time, Dunaj a Ja Gallery, Bratislava, SK

2011  Lives of Dreams, Stage Restaurant, Bratislava, SK
2011  Lives of Dreams II, Maxman Consultans, Bratislava, SK
2011  The Milk Teeth, Drink in Gallery Andy, Bratislava, SK

Group Exhibitions:

2022  Symphony of Art , Pradiareň 1900, Bratislava, Slovakia
2021 Generation connections, Limes Gallery, Komárno, Slovakia
2020 Bordering on the Boundless, Limes Gallery, Komárno, Slovakia
2019  Zlín Designweek, Zlín castle, Zlín, Czech Republic
2019  Another paint, Slovenská výtvarná únia, Bratislava,  Slovakia
2018  Golden garden, Kortárs Gallery, Dunajská Streda, Slovakia
2016  Techniques of remembering, Mirbach palace, Bratislava, Slovakia
2014  PED ART ŠOU, Artforum, Bratislava, Slovakia
2014  Small with bigs..., VŠVU, Bratislava, Slovakia
2014  Goulash, River Gallery, Bratislava, Slovakia
2013  Presents, KC Dunaj Gallery, Bratislava, SK
2013  TEDx Bratislava, Slovak National Theatre, Bratislava, SK
2012  Young Art Show, House of Arts, Piestany, SK
2011  We Could Wish, Hopkirk Culture Bar, Bratislava, SK

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