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Kiman Martin


Visual character of my paintings is often derived from the fascination with the appearance of natural forms as the anti-pole to man made material. The amorphous characteristics of organic matter is in the endless contrast with the strictly methodical and geometric visage of human creations. Just as I am living in the symbiosis of these two existences, my work is inspired by the visual attributes of both. 


I often consider a captivating word, phrase or...


1985, Košice, Slovakia

2023 - lives and works in Berlin

Education :

2013 - 2015  FINE ART, Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava (Department of Painting and Other Media, Studio + - XXI of prof. Daniel Fischer & Studio of Spatial Communications of prof. Anton Cierny), SK
2007 - 2011  FINE ART, The Technical University of Kosice (Studio of Contemporary Painting of doc. Adam Szentpetery, akad. mal.), SK


2022 Residence in Miami, THINK + feel contemporary Art Gallery, USA

Solo Exhibitions:

2015  'In Medias Res', Tranzit Gallery, Bratislava, SK
2012  'Dimsions', Pyecka Gallery, Kosice, SK

Group Exhibitions:

2022 Abstraction: Study of Color, Think + Feel Contemporary, Miami, USA
This is NOT business as Usual- Charitable Art Auction to Benefit Ukrainian Refugees, Think + Feel Contemporary
2020 The Gift of Art, Think + Feel Contemporary, Miami, USA
A is for Abstract, Think + Feel Contemporary, Miami, USA
2019 European Millenial Artists, Think + Feel Contemporary, Miami, USA
2018 Slovak art days in Vilnius, Vilnius Academy of Arts, Exhibition Halls, Vilnius, Li

2015  After the Future, Gallery of East Slovakia, Kosice, SK
2015  Slovak Art Days in London, The Gallery on the Corner, London, UK
2015  Painting of the Year, Nedbalka Gallery, Bratislava, UK

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