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1/ Delivery Information
2/ Terms and Conditions


1/ Delivery Information

We aim to deliver artwork within 14 days to addresses in the UK and Europe, and within 21 days to USA, Canada, Far East, Australia and the rest of the world. We can deliver to most countries, however, here are some exceptions. Please contact our custormer service at to check if we can deliver to your country.

All deliveries are dispatched via a courier service and are insured.

The delivery charges are calculated according to the artwork’s size and weight, as specified, below, and will be added to the artwork's price at the 3rd step of the Checkout (more information at How to Shop). 


Artwork sizes:

•   artworks up to A4 (21 x 29.7 cm)
•   all artworks on paper up to A2 (42 x 59,4 cm) without a frame

•  A4 to 120 cm being the longest measurement

• between 121 cm and 190 cm being the longest measurement

Extra Large
•   over 191 cm being the longest measurement


Delivery rates:

Small              £16.00
Medium          £47.00
Large              £78.00
Extra Large     £125.00

Small                18 €
Medium            55 €
Large                90 €
Extra Large      145 €

CZ and SK
Free Postage

For rates to USA, Canada, Far East, Australia and the rest of the world please contact our customer service at


2/ Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of an electronic shop Young Real Art, operating at ( (hereinafter Young Real Art), including Warranty Claim Terms and Conditions as an inseparable part. 

The Terms and Conditions are governed and constructed in accordance with the Civil Code of the Czech Republic and the courts of the Czech Republic shall have exclusive jurisdiction in matters of litigation and dispute. They are valid from 22/09/2013 and we reserve the right to update them at any time, without a previous notice. Date of the last update: 1st June, 2016.


1. In General

1. 1. Young Real Art - Jana Lastovka is a company registered in the Czech Republic under Business ID: 722 28 962 whose registered office is at Sokolovska 1042/97, 323 15 Plzen. Tax ID: CZ 7759032050. Electronic mail address: The following terms and conditions will apply between you and Jana Lastovka for the sale and purchase of items in your basket at Young Real Art.

1. 2. By placing an order you confirm, that you have read the terms and conditions and that you agree to them. A copy will be sent to you, attached to the order confirmation. You will receive both documents by email.


2. The Contract

2. 1. Placement of a product by us at Young Real Art is an invitation to treat. A contract si formed on Young Real Art accepting your payment.

2. 2. When you place an order, we accept it without an unnecessary delay and will send you a confirmation email immediately. The confirmation email will include a copy of the terms and conditions, care guidelines, and packaging directions for returns.

2. 3. Expenses related to the delivery are calculated in respect to the delivery charges set by our courier.


3. Repudiating the Contract

Your statutory rights as a consumer are not affected if, for any reason, you wish to return a product and repudiate the contract you have made with Young Real Art. You can do so within 14 days of delivery. You will carry the costs of the return such as the shipping charges. If you require assistance with returning your order you can contact our customer service. We reserve the right to repudiate the contract for legitimate reasons.


4. Data Protection

4. 1. All personal details you provide at Young Real Art will be treated as confidential and will never be made available to other marketing companies. The data will be used solely in relation to sending you your order and processing your payment.

4. 2. By entering your details at Young Real Art you give us the right to use it to fulfill your order.


5. Pricing

All prices are contractual. Young Real Art always shows valid prices, according to the current exchange rates published by the Czech National Bank.


6. Payment

Young Real Art accepts the following payment conditions:

• The payment in advance by a bank transfer
• Payment via internet interface of bank
• Payment by MasterCard or Visa through an internet payment portal

Account details for international payments:
Name of the account holder: Jana Lastovka
IBAN: CZ7901000001075381430217

Account number for domestic payments:
Name of the account holder: Jana Lastovka 
Bank code: 0100
Account number: 107-5381430217


7. Deliveries

7. 1. Your order will be dispatched via a courier service within 10 days of the payment, i.e. the date when the full price including the delivery and any other charges was credited to the aforementioned bank account.

7. 2. We are liable for the goods and damages made upon the good up until the time when you accept the delivery.


8. Warranty

Warranty terms and conditions are determined by the Warranty Claim Terms and Conditions (article 9, below) and by valid regulations of the Czech Republic.


9. Warranty Claim Terms and Conditions

9. 1. We guarantee that your item is, at the time of the delivery, in accordance with the terms and conditions of the contract; the item being sold to you corresponds with the description applied to it by us, our contractors or by our marketing campaigns, the item is in a correct amount, of a satisfactory quality, and is reasonably fit for the required purpose.

9. 2. If you find an item delivered to you to be in a breach of the contract, you must notify us within 7 days of the delivery. Failure to so notify us will deem you to have accepted the goods. Where you make a valid claim in respect of any defects, and we are liable for the claim, we undertake to make up for the defects by restoring the item’s required condition or we will exchange the item, free of charge, without an unnecessary delay. If such resolution is not possible you can request a proportionate discount or choose to terminate the contract. This does not appeal to cases when you have known of the defects before entering the contract or you have yourself caused the breach of the contract.

9. 3. The warranty does not cover wear and tear originating from the item’s general use. When an item is sold at a discount, the faulty parts leading to the discount are excluded from the warranty. We cannot be liable for defects correlating with previous use of pre-owned goods.

9. 4. Warranty period of consumer goods is 24 months. Warranty period counts from the date of when you have accepted the goods.

9. 5. If a defect is of a removable nature, you are entitled to a prompt and due removal of the defect, free of charge. Alternatively, you can request an exchange of the item or its part, if that is not disproportionate to the nature of the defect. If such resolution is not possible, you can request a proportionate discount or choose to terminate the contract.

If the defect is beyond repair and it prevents you from a correct use of the item, you are entitled to an exchange or you can choose to terminate the contract. If you do not wish to exchange your item or terminate the contract you can request a proportionate discount.

9. 6. We cannot be liable for defects arising from unprofessional assembly or unauthorized installation, unless it was carried out by our employee/contractor, or the defect was caused by an error in the product’s care guidelines.

9. 7. The rights arising from the defect liability shall be claimed at:
Jana Lastovka
Dukelskych hrdinu 23
170 00 Praha 7
Czech Republic

Postal address:
Jana Lastovka
Dukelskych hrdinu 23
170 00 Praha 7
Czech Republic



10. Gift Certificates

Order of the Gift Certificate constitutes and offer to us. Contract of sale arises when you proceed with the payment.

Any unused balance of the Gift Certificate can be used on subsequent orders. If an order exceeds the amount of the gift certificate the balance must be paid by credit / debit card or by a bank transfer.

Combined Gift Certificates can be used within a single order.

Gift Certificates include a signature of the gallery founder, printed face value, expiry date and a unique code.

The delivery address represents the address on the ordering form, as in a regular purchase, unless changed to a customary address.

The Gift Certificate has a cash redemption value of 0.001p, and it cannot be used to purchase another Gift Certificate.

The Gift Certificate cannot be cancelled by the purchaser once it has been redeemed in part or in full.

After the expiry date the gift certificate cannot be used; the validity of the Gift Certificate is 12 months from the day of purchase.

Refund can be requested within 14 days of delivery of the Gift Certificate.

The Gift Certificate cannot be used on discounted goods of goods on special offer.


If you are unsure about the Terms and Conditions please contact our customer service at or on +420 608 46 22 11.