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In Flight and Fall IV

Nováková Blanka

9,900 Kč

In Flight and Fall IV, 2020 

45 x 65 cm

acrylic and oil on canvas


Help Ukraine

Whole sales amount of this piece will be used for helping Ukraine

About the artist

Born in 1985, Turnov, Czech Republic

2006 - 2012  MgA. Painting - Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, (Painting Studio of prof. Zdenek Beran), CZ


Selected Solo Exhibitions:

2019  Lucidní snění, Galerie Via Art, Prague, Czech Republic
2018  Šepot, Galerie Michal's Collection, Prague, Czech Republic
2017  Měla jsem sen, Galerie UFFO, Trutnov, Czech Republic
2016  Strašáci a ti druzí, Galerie Michal's Collection, Prague, Czech Republic
2014  No Sugar, Gallery Beseda, Ostrava, Czech Republic
2014  Field and Game, Michal Collection, Prague, Czech Republic
2014  Between Us, Nina Hedwic Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic
2012  Unlocked, Michal Collection, Prague, Czech Republic


Selected Group Exhibitions:
2018  Summer with Mánes, Adolf Loos Apartment And Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic
2017  Bubáci na zámku, Castle Kvasiny, Kvasiny, Czech Republic
2017  Knupp Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic
2016  Czech (hyper)realismus (prof. Z.Beran and his students), Galerie kritiků, Prague, Czech Republic
2016  Next year, Castle Kvasiny, Kvasiny, Czech Republic
2015  Zvířata v umění, Galerie Dolmen, Prague, Czech Republic
2015  Vhltava, (A)VOID Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic
2015  Accrochéz / zavěšení, Castle Kvasiny, Kvasiny, Czech Republic
2014  Animans, Sihlquai55 inspace Gallery, Zürich, Switzerland
2012  Original Perspective, U Bileho Jednorozce Gallery, Klatovy, Czech Republic
2010  Intermezzo, Diamant Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic
2008  Defenestration, The New Town Hall Prague, Czech Republic
2007  AVU 18, National Gallery in Prague, Czech Republic

Blanka is represented in collections of National Gallery in Prague and private collections in the Czech Republic, France and Switzerland