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Hušták Daniel, MgA.

9,500 Kč

Back, 2019 
40 × 60 cm 
Inkjet print, archive paper Canson Infinity Rag Photographique

Collection The Holyday

limited edition of 5 author´s copies

The Holyday, 2019

In this collection I focus on the stereotypes connected with the Czech society. I intend to capture the so-called Czechness in the photographs and also to create a sort of a prototype of a typical Czech vacation. For this purpose, I have chosen the holiday destination most popular for the Czechs, Croatia. 

I have worked on a principle of pairs. In these, I always combine an authentic picture from a holiday stay, downloaded from the Rajč website, and a studio photo. The studio pictures develop on, paraphrase or complete the actual ones. They can function both in the original pair sets as well as they can be read and interpreted separately. 

Humour and irony are the key elements of the work as it was my primary attitude to choose the most bizarre phenomena of the Czech vacations. In some cases, however, I simply develop on the amateur pictures by my own free association (e.g. the pair a bus x inflatable pillow or scuba-diving x a Rama box containing shells and pebbles etc.).  D. H.


About the artist

* 1990, Prague

2016 - 2019 Silesian University in Opava, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Institute of Creative Photography, master's program
2011 - 2015 Silesian University in Opava, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Institute of Creative Photography, bachelor's program
2009 - 2011 SOU Služeb, Prague 9, Entrepreneurship, two-year graduation extension study
2007 - 2009 SOU Služeb, Prague 9, Photographer, three-year apprenticeship

Solo Exhibitions:

2019 Czechia to the Czechs, cinema Kotva, České Budějovice
2019 Czechia to the Czechs, Leica gallery Prague, Prague

Selected Group Exhibitions:

2020 Three Decades, House of the Black Madonna, Prague
2019 Visegrád 30 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, Michalský dvůr Gallery, Bratislava
2019 Wilderness, Blatenský Photo Festival, Blatná
2019 ITF at Prague Photo, Clam-Gallas Palace, Prague Photo, Prague
2018 Svoboda, Blatenský photo festival, Blatná

Publications / catalogs:

2020 Three Decades, Institute of Creative Photography 1990 - 2020, Prague
2019 Catalog Month of Photography, Bratislava
2019 PHOTO No. 36, magazine, Brno
2019 Catalog Blatenský photo festival, Blatná
2018 Catalog Blatenský photofestival, Blatná