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Published 2014-09-09

Young Real Art’s New Video Clip

Earlier this year Young Real Art qualified in the competition, Czech Idea of the Year 2014. One of the main tasks set by the judges was to produce a video clip. Below is a short report on how Young Real Art made the video.



"The judges set the limit length to 30 seconds, which meant we had to be very selective of what we could fit it - only the most relevent cuts." explains Jana Lastovka, the founder of Young Real Art.

There are four people starring the video: Jana Lastovka, her friend Nora Edharterova and two artists, Filip Svehla and Jan Harant, who were selected to represent Young Real Art. However, paintings by many other artist appear in the video. It was filmed in the painting department at the University of Fine Arts in Prague.

The director, Stepan Zalesak and his friend Milan brought the filming equipment, and the make-up artist, Iveta Duong, made sure everyone looked fabulous. Stepan Zalesak took the team through the storyboard and explained carefully each shot. When we were familiar with our roles the filming began.

The first shot introduces the studio and the artworks. In the second one, the camera slides to Jana Lastovka, going through the paintings. Then, Filip Svehla appears on the scene and Jana and Nora take out the first painting, Water Lilies, 2013 by Leos Suchan and 'put it up on the Young Real Art website'. The same goes for Red Fruit, 2013 by Petra Haplova. The last painting, Life In Technical World, 2014 by Jan Harant is taken directly from Jan’s paint brush, 'put up on the Young Real Art website' and subsequently 'sent to the customer's home'. 



"Exhausted, but excited to review our performances, we were ready to send the material to post- production. Jan Petrov and Bojan Bojič at the Red Hood Studio did the final cut, created the sequence, added captions, soundtrack and the credits. The story of Young Real Art was ready to be broadcasted to the world!" concludes Jana Lastovka.

In the Czech Idea of the Year 2014, Young Real Art came 6th! 






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