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Wood VI

Spour Zdeněk

38,000 Kč

Wood VI, 2014-2021

diameter 74 cm, format-tondo, weight 4 kg

wood, epoxy varnish


Everything mounted on brackets that are 10 cm from the wall and the object, in the installation can be seen as if levitating.

The collection of wooden reliefs was created with the idea "wood = a symbol of the shape of a square and a circle", a square expressing the ground / fortress and a circle a symbol of constant repetition.

The process used the fire needed to evoke the negatives and revitalize the wood to make it more interactive again and to highlight its past, structure and annual rings. Z. S.


About the artist


1987, Hustopece, Czech Republic


2009 - 2013  FINE ART, Brno University of Technology (Studio of painting of prof. ak. mal. Martin Mainer & Studio of Intermedia of doc. Vaclav Stratil, prom. ped.), CZ
2012 - 2013  FINE ART, Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava (The Fourth Studio of Painting and Other Media of prof. Ivan Csudai, ak. mal.), SK

Selected Solo Exhibitions:

2022 The Doors of Perception, Galerie Zezuly, Brno, CZ
2014  Who Am I, Where Do I Come From, Where Do I Go, Hustopece Museum and Art Gallery, CZ
2013  Move, Mainerova Gallery, Prague, CZ
2012  Experience, Possible, Slevarna Gallery, Brno, CZ
2011  Bright Light, Vlnena Gallery, Brno, CZ
2010  Once You Walk on Path, Don't Go Ashtray, Stary Pivovar Arts Centre, Brno, CZ

Selected Group Exhibitions:

2022 Modeta, Městské divadlo, Brno, CZ
2019 Visionaria, Galerie města Třinec, Třinec, CZ
2016  Art Prague 2016, Kafka's House, Prague, CZ
2012  Meeting, Milan Zezula Gallery, Brno, CZ
2011  Artbank - Kick off, Dvorak Sec Contemporary, Prague, CZ
2011  Carry on, Gallery of Chodovska Tvrz, Prague, CZ
2010  Brno Is Berlin, Berlin Is Brno, Aula Gallery, Brno, CZ