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Auri Ema

19,000 Kč

Orange, 2022

from the Synesthesis series

15 x 9 cm (object)

18 x 16 cm (glass lid)

haptic object

porcelain with binder, engobe, glaze, metal and glass lid



Colours can sooth, embrace, cheer you up, bring sadness, anxiety, and even pain. I explored my personal associations between colours and shapes/structure. As a result, I created unpleasantly coloured product archetypes which project the feelings invoked by bright colours into physical form. The cute embryotic shape of the objects calls for holding them in one’s hand while the sharp thorns dig into one’s skin. Placing the objects under the glass lids amplifies the feeling of danger and toxicity.

Each object is a unique hand-made item made of my own compound of porcelain and reedmace fibres (Typha Iatifolia). To get the slick and smooth surface, I apply 3-4 layers of engobe.  E. A.


About the artist

* 26.6. 1999, Bratislava, Slovakia



2019 - present - Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague, ceramics and porcelain studio MgA. Milan Pekař

2015 - 2019 - Josef Vydra School of Applied Art in Bratislava, Department of Ceramics

2014 - 2015 - C. S. Lewis Bilingual Grammar School, Bratislava



2021 - Design block, with the UMPRUM ceramics and porcelain studio

2020 - Designblok, with the UMPRUM ceramics and porcelain studio

2018 - Representation of Slovakia at Design Week in Brussels

2018 - Junior Design Fest in Bratislava