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Journey from the mountains

Kamarádová Jana


Journey from the mountains, 2023

120 x 150 cm

acrylic on canvas


Polar bears accompany children from the high mountains, where danger can lurk for such small creatures. J. K.


About the artist


born in 1988, Ostrava, Czech Republic

2008 - 2013  University of Ostrava, Czech Rep., Faculty of Fine Arts, Studio of Painting of prof. ak. mal. Daniel Balaban

Solo Exhibitions:

2021 Přeživší, Galerie Nibiru, Ostrava
2019 Exhibition, Gallery and music bar Ostrich, Zlin
2016 Ze mě, absinthe club Les, Ostrava
2013 Private Zoo, Black Crow Club, Ostrava

Selected Group Exhibitions:

2022 Permutace, Provoz u řeky, Ostrava
2022 Rekapitulace, GAFU - Galerie Fakulty umění, Ostrava
2021  Permutace, Provoz u řeky, Ostrava, Czech
2021 A World of Colors, Pocket art studio, Roma, IT
2014 Aniversary, Silesian University, Karvina, Czech Republic
2013 Final Projects of the Faculty of Fine Arts, Gong Gallery, Ostrava, Czech Republic
2013  Little Maur on a Horse or the Abstract Faith in Humans, Cooltour Multidisciplinary Contemporary Arts Centre, Ostrava, Czech Republic
2013  Art in Operation, Hlubina Mine, Ostrava, Czech Republic
2012  Winter, Cooltour Multidisciplinary Contemporary Arts Centre, Ostrava, Czech Republic