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The Eye of the Sky, the Heart of The World

Rajchlová Alžběta

17,000 Kč

The Eye of the Sky, the Heart of The World, 2020 

70 x 70 cm 

acrylic, oil, charcoal on canvas 


Help Ukraine

Whole sales amount of this piece will be used for helping Ukraine

About the artist

* 1999, Prague

2018 – presence Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, Painting Studio of MgA. Josef Bolf, Painting Studio of doc. PhDr. Vladimír Skrepl

2019 – presence Theatre Faculty of The Academy of Performing Arts, Department of Drama in Education 

2010 – 2018 Malostranské gymnázium

Solo Exhibitions:
2021 HABITAT: Place of Occurrence of a Particular Organism, Monastery Zlatá Koruna
2020 Like me, Flexup Gallery, Prague
2019 The Closer The Further, Milada Gallery, Prague
2018 The Moment, Praga Prima, Prague
2018 Astonishment, Dobrá trafika, Prague
2018 Fixation of Time, CoCo Gallery, Dobrš

Group Exhibitions:
2020 Festival Deziluze, Březnice
2019 IN:FORM, Arcimboldo, Prague
2019 Spectator Disease, Holešovická šachta, Prague
2019 Figurama 19, Hybernská Campus, Prague