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Mazanec David

48,000 Kč

Ola, 2020

130 x 110 cm

acrylic on canvas

Painting from the series Que y como (translated as What and how).
Designs for bed linen or floor in art class after a lesson with colored papers. Even so, these paintings could be simply described, but the main thing would be missing...
The emphasis on aesthetics is essential in my paintings. I would like to add, however, that it is not primary. In my opinion, a visually appealing thing gives room to insert a message into the second plan of perception. Specifically here the main themes are variation, variety, life.

Set of elements = palette of possibilities
Underneath each original assembly, an imaginary story can be found. These stories are always unique and original, even though they are the same at the very core. Just as each person composes his or her life story according to his or her needs, possibilities and priorities. For example, one composition is quite harmonious, another holds together by its own weight, and in the case of a third the shapes do not even touch each other. Sometimes a well-known symbol appears in the selection of pieces. Flame, hook, eye, etc. Here it is possible to work with the context of that symbol, but the important thing is that these symbols can have different functions and can change meaning in the context of the compositions. This is a reference to the fact that things are often not as they first appear.

In general this series works with a positive emotion. This is undeniably inspired by the birth of a child and the time spent in sandboxes where different coloured pieces emerge from a loose base and one is constantly wondering what and how. D. M.


About the artist


1988, Jablonec nad Nisou, Czech Republic


2008 - 2013  FINE ART, University of Ostrava (Studio of Painting of prof. ak. mal. Daniel Balaban), CZ
2011 - 2012  FINE ART, University of Granada, ES

Solo Exhibitions:

2022 Co a jak, galerie Caesar, Olomouc, CZ
2021 Que y como, Jatka 78, Prague, CZ
2020 Na barevném písečku, Muzeum východních Čech, Hradec Králové
2020 Láskovražda (s Janem Heresem), Galerie Sokol, Brandýs nad Orlicí
2018 Tak Move !, Bernard Bolzano Gallery, Těchobuz, CZ
2018 Atlanti v lesu (with Jiri Kucera), Vlastimil Rada Gallery, Zelezny Brod, CZ
2016 Skrznaskrz, Cafe in Seven Heaven, Prague, CZ
2016 Earth flies movement (+ Michaela Bachoríkova), Hip running club, Prague, CZ
2016 Bon voyage, Gallery Strada del Vino, Prague, CZ
2015 Torn Illusion, Gallery Hi Hi Hi, Jablonec nad Nisou, CZ
2015  Gushing Water, Mezera Gallery, Ostrava, CZ
2013  Smooth Formations, 3+1 Caffe, Prague, CZ
2013  Few Lines, Fox Gallery, Prague, CZ
2009  From Elsewhere, 3+1 Caffe, Prague, CZ

Selected Group Exhibitions:

2022 Severočeská sbírka, Muzeum a Pojizerská galerie, Semily, CZ
2022 Row row row Račice, Pop-up galley Sportin art, Labe Aréna Račice, CZ
2022 „Mythologies“, Cathy Gallery, Furth im Wald,GE
2019 Heavy dots, pavilion G&B beads, Jablonec nad Nisou, CZ
2019 Three meters, Gallery 1, Prague 1, CZ
2019 Borderland establishes a connection, Cultural History Museum, Zittau, GE
2018 Glass painting is not lost, Frantisek Gallery, Sazava, CZ
2018 Czas, Galeria BWA, Jelenia Gora, Poland, CZ
2017 Fifth through Thirties, Gallery Patra, Prague, CZ
2017 Neighbors, Textile Slezan, Frýdek-Místek, CZ
2017 Location, Josef Jíra Gallery, Malá Skála, CZ
2016 Miejsce, BWA Gallery, Jelenia Góra, PL
2016 Art walk, Villa of Mystery, Hradec Kralove, CZ
2016 Wail of silence, 1435mm Freight Station Žižkov, Prague, CZ
2016 Art Prague, Kafka House, Prague, CZ
2015 New future, Vestředni Gallery, Pilsen, CZ
2015 The value of art in the framework of the festival "Lostness?", Železný Brod, CZ
2015 Young Art Forum, Städtische Galerie “Leerer Beutel”, Regensburg, Germany, GE
2015 New future, Vestředni Gallery, Pilsen, CZ
2016  Silent Wail, Nakladove nadrazi Zizkov, Prague, CZ  
2015  Painters of Pojizeri, Pojizerska Museum and Gallery, Semily, CZ
2014  9th International Biennial of Drawing Pilsen 2014, Pilsen City Gallery, CZ
2014  Eroticism in Art, Fox Gallery, Prague, CZ
2013  The Small Maur on a Horse or the Abstract Faith in Human Beings, Cooltour Multidisciplinary Contemporary Arts Centre, Ostrava, CZ

2014  Award for the Best Quality, 9th International Biennal of Drawing Pilsen 2014, Pilsen, CZ
2010  Prize of the Rector, University of Ostrava, CZ