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Branna Dorota

4,400 Kč

Radish, 2013

31.5 x 22.5 cm (frame)

20 x 14 cm (painting)

japanese watercolor

framed (metal frame), sand gray mount


The Garden Guards series was created as part of an internship at the Japanese University in Takaoka. On the school campus I had a small garden, which I went to manage daily and which (rich) harvest not only made me happy, but inspired me to create many paintings. I often created these watercolors outside, right in the middle of greenery. D. B.


About the artist

Born in 1989, Trinec, Czech Republic


2008 - 2015  Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague, Czech Rep. - Studio of Illustration and Graphics of MgA. Milan Horvath
2014 - 2015  Acedemy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava, Slovakia - Studio of Free Printmaking and Illustration of prof. Dusan Kallay, akad. mal.
2013  University of Toyama, Japan - Fine Art

Solo Exhibitions:

2015  On the Border of Noticeable, Municipal Library of Prague, Czech Rep.
2011  Travel Memories, Cafe Kluv, Prague, Czech Rep.
2008  Ritual of Light, Tea Rooms Pod Kastany, Uherske Hradiste, Czech Rep.

Selected Group Exhibitions:

2016  Art Prague 2016, Kafka's House, Prague, Czech Rep.
2014  Seos (Blend), L'Ensemble Gallery, Toyama, Japan
2013  Print of the Year 2013, Clam-Gallas Palace, Prague, Czech Rep.

2013  The Most Beautiful Books of 2013, Museum of Czech Literature, Prague, Czech Rep.
2011  Print of the Year 2011, Clam-Gallas Palace, Prague, Czech Rep.