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Published 2016-01-12

Petr Gruber, Painter

Petr Gruber's paintings represent the natural world. Usually, he paints it, as he remembers it from his country walks: shapes, scents, sounds and colours. His large-scale, semi-abstract oil paintings depict the nature's beauty, uniqueness and tranquility. 



The main idea behind Petr's paintings is that subconscious can store an unlimited amount of memories that can be more authentic than immediate thoughts. Therefore paintings are as authentic as reality. Deep Inside the Forest  depicts dark pines. Painting them allowed Petr to re-experience the walk to the forest at dusk and transmit it to the spectator. Under the Hill  is a memory of watching the nature from a hideout behind grass reeds.


Exhibition view - left to right: Deep Inside the Forest, The Forest Playground, Light behind the Trees, Snow in the Forest I


Petr makes his paintings sequentially, starting with a fundamental memory that he particularizes and adds on further visions. The more memories brought up, the more specific the painting becomes.


     Left: Under the Hill, 200 x 190 cm, oil on canvas    Right: Vista through the Spruce Trees, 100 x 90 cm, oil on canvas


The concept of the natural world is prevalent in Petr's work, which is in harmony with human existence. “I like to paint places that are pleasant to me; places seldom searched by men. For me they are joyful and I can appreciate their tranquility. I sometimes include technical elements such as an old house, a lookout tower or a forest pitch, which remind me of human presence. However, the main impulse that gets me painting is always a natural one, such as glittering snow or gentle wind at the edge of the forest,” explains Petr.


Exhibition at the National Gallery in Prague - left to right: Room, Snow in the Forest II, Deep Inside the ForestForest Playground