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Published 2016-03-01

Josef Malek, Photographer

Josef’s conceptual photographs focus on current affairs: virtual identity, urban living, global warming, technology and social networking. Through digital photography, he explores them and presents them as non-fading Lambda C-type photographic prints.


Untitled I, II and VI are series of photographs that depict urban spaces: buildings, vegetation and urban objects. Together they create an image of an ideal city, where buildings exist in harmony with trees, plants and other greenery. Such cities offer balanced conditions for healthy, urban living. Josef emphasizes the importance of the green spaces by depicting them in each photograph: a city park, panorama of hills behind a town skyline, trees, casting reflections on a glass and steel building.  


Urban Landscape, 2011, 55 x 43 cm, Lambda C-type print, mounted on Forex in a wooden frame (without glass)


Another series of photographs, Portraits, explores virtual identity and social media. “Everyone uploads a vast number of images of themselves to their social media profiles, but it contradicts with their true selves. An individual’s identity is super-complex and it cannot be captured in a snapshot,” explains Josef. To find a 'profile photo' that would be appropriate, Josef looked outside the internet and in the art world of 1918. It was then, Kazimir Malevich introduced monochrome painting - a rendition of a multidimensional, infinite space that represents nothing, but itself. Combining Malevich's idea with latest technology for digital photography, Josef photographed the Self-portrait - an ultimate profile photo.


Self-portrait, 2013, digital photograph, lambda C-type print, framed (with glass)