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Published 2016-06-12

Jaroslava Kadlecova, Painter

Influenced by modernism, Jaroslava’s art follows the progressive pace of the movement. Her paintings are innovative and are created by unconventional techniques such as painting with epoxy resin and precious metals. Just like the modernists, Jaroslava places high value on intuition and experimentation, which is how she developed a new technique of painting in 3D. With her ideas borrowed from modern architecture, she creates colourful compositions.


Painting in 3D has always fascinated Jaroslava and she looked for a technique, which would allow her to do it. She found it in combining painting media with epoxy resin, which is a clear substance behaving like water or molten glass. Jaroslava uses it in layers. On a pre-painted surface, usually canvas, bordered with aluminium or pvc frame, she pours a layer of epoxy resin. She lets it to dry, adds more paint, and pours another layer of epoxy resin at the top. The process is repeated until the desired composition and thickness is achieved. In the end a colourful array of lines and shapes, which look like as if they were floating, constitute the painting. The top is highly polished - another addition to her eccentric technique.

   Left: O-Porto - detail, 2016, 30 x 30 cm, epoxy resin, gold & acrylic    Right: Foster, 2015, 100 x 100 cm, epoxy resin, pvc & acrylic

The principal source of Jaroslava’s inspiration is modern architecture. During her course at the Middlesex University in London she visited cities like Manchester and Birmingham, among others, and explored their rich, architectonic scene. Following the aim of the first modernists such as Pablo Picasso and Jean Metzinger, who worked to reshape their surroundings and replace them with visions of the new, Jaroslava, too, modifies the buildings, bridges and riversides around her. Paintings such as Birds Nest II, Dancing and Foster, depict a criss-cross steel structure, a curved silhouette of a building, and an array of windows in a blue-green spectrum, respectively.

Anitclockwise: Bird's Nest II, Sunrise Tower, Television Tower in China II, Television Tower in China IIITelevision Tower in China I, View II, View - sold, UFO Space, Chrysler Building - sold, Sunrise Tower II - sold

Related to architecture is geometry. By drawing horizontal and vertical lines, as in Geometry, and by deploying geometric shapes, as in Porto, Jaroslava creates lively compositions. Her unique, 3D painting technique allows her to arrange the shapes at different levels, creating the floating effect. She uses acrylic and industrial paints as well as platinum, silver and gold leaves, to make her paintings luminous.

Jaroslava in Manchester