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Guardian XII

Koblic Walterová Martina

9,500 Kč

Guardian XII, 2023

40 x 30 cm

from the series Guardians

mixed media on canvas


“Guardians” is a new painting cycle which is continuously bond with themes connected with the state of our planet and our relationship with her.(as for example cycle The Big Blue, Endangered species, The Defender from the Alpha Generation...). Shows fabled creatures which are close to mankind and shows dreams stories imaginings from the beginning of time. Now they are bound with household lives and land... The connection of mythology with contemporary meanings and visuals. 


About the artist


1988, Prague, Czech Republic


2008 - 2014  FINE ART, University of Ostrava (Studio of Painting of prof. ak. mal. Daniel Balaban & Studio of Painting of Mgr. Pavel Preisner), CZ
2010  FINE ART, University of Silesia, Katowice (Sculpture Studio of prof. dr hab. Andrzej Szarek & Painting Studio of prof. 
US dr hab. Elzbieta Kuraj), PL

Selected Solo Exhibitions:

2023 Strážci, Městská knihovna - Artotéka Opatov, Prague, CZ
2023 Výchova k přírodě, Jatka 78, Prague, CZ
2021 Defender from the Alpha Generation, Bastion IV, Josefov, CZ
2021 Personal Patchwork, Castle Zásmuky, Zásmuky, CZ
2018 Helou Maj Frend!, Kavárna co hledá jméno, Dudes & Barbies Gallery, Prague, CZ 
2017 Back, Galerie Prokopka, Prague, CZ 
2016 OCH!, Otevřená galerie Prokopka, Děčín, CZ
2015 Sit Down, Ukradená galérie, Děčín, CZ
2015 Third Carriadge, Studio Citadela, Prague, CZ
2015 I've Wanted to Take a Carriage Ride, Municipal Library Opatov / Artotheque, Prague, CZ 
2014 I’ve Wanted to Take a Carriage Ride, Velvet Centre, Cihelná 1, Prague, CZ


Selected Group Exhibitions:

2023 Lucidum Intervallum, Františkánský klášter, Zásmuky, CZ
2022 LUSTR 9 Illustration Festival, Kampus Hybernská, Prague, CZ
2022 JIndřich Chalupecký Award 2022 Exhibition, Trade Fair Palace, Prague, CZ
2018 Searching For The Boundaries of Painting in a Post-media Environment, The Gallery Of Fine Arts Ostrava, Ostrava 
2017 CANDY SHOP, The Chemistry Gallery, Quadrio, Prague, CZ 
2017 Bumerang 7, Institute AAMI, Ljubljana, Slovenia
2016 Wail Of Silence, Nákladové Nádraží Žižkov, Galerie 1435mm, Prague, CZ
2014 Young Art Show, Art House, Piešťany, SR
2014 Glory Hole, Industra Gallery, Brno, CZ
2013 Malý Mour na koni aneb abstraktní víra v člověka, CoolTour, Ostrava, CZ
2013 Graduates 2013, The Gong Gallery, Ostrava, CZ
2012 (S)Loučení v Bodě C, with M. Hudec, Gallery ArtAtak, Prague, CZ