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Published 2016-06-20

Sona Patucova, Painter

When Sona studied at the University of Arts and Design in Bratislava, her tutor, Daniel Fischer once came to her after a review and patted on her back. At that moment Sona knew she had found her artistic identity. Her paintings are semi-abstract and depict nature and its energy. The 4 elements of air, water, fire and earth are often a backbone of her work. The spectator is invited to look at the nature and inside it, and scrutinize what is going on.


The spectator plays an inevitable role in Sona’s paintings. She invites him or her to either observe her works from a distance, or come closer and dive into them. By choosing the later, a space charged with energy opens its door. Sona asks the viewer to look at the land, the sea or the aerial space, and contemplate their beauty. She leaves it discretionary to the viewer if this is where he or she wants to be. By standing aside, safe, the nature’s energy will bounce off, but if the spectator decides to take part in making the nature a vital concern, the power of the elements will be at his or her disposal.

What Should Have Been a Quiet Afternoon, 2015, acrylic on canvas

Half way between cyan and azure; under the water and above it; in a far away land, yet in a familiar one – the focus is always somewhere in between. Sona searches for ultimate depictions of horizons in an abstract space. She is fascinated by the gleaming reflections of light, dancing on the water’s surface and by the mountain peaks, covered with freshly fallen snow. Painting is not only an aesthetic medium for her, it is also a way of expressing her opinions, stances and thoughts.

Clockwise: Exhibition view, Sona in her studio I (Photo by Petr Domorak -, Sona in her studio II
Cover photo: Katarina Krizanovicova (